Twiggit Update

September 12, 2011

For 2 years twiggit has made it easier for 6,418 users to share the stories they digg on twitter, and until August 25th 2010 this has always been my aim.

Unfortunately since then digg has been re-built, and the results… well see for yourself.

With a new website comes a new API, and this has made it pointless to re-build twiggit to accommodate the changes. My original goal can no longer be fulfilled, and it is with great regret that I have decided to shut down twiggit.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to drop me a line, steven [at]

Thank you for your support.


I am in the middle of re-building Twiggit to accommodate the new digg API….. Not sure when the new version of Twiggit will be finished so keep an ear to the ground for the new release (-;

The Pimalai Resort in Thailand, Fit for Royalty

September 23, 2014

Not even the pettiest, most spoilt of princesses will be disappointed with a stay at Pimalai resort on Koh Lanta in Thailand (Andaman side). The food is fantastic; there are multiple restaurants serving everything from curry to French haute cuisine. The food seems to have been inspired by the resorts French general manager, a fine fellow going by the name of Franck de Le Stapis.

Only the most kitsch of kings will fail to appreciate the style and grace of the architecture at Pimalai, which is very classy particularly the pool villas perching on the hillside, which I unfortunately could not afford to stay in luck would be a fine thing, one day Ill strike it lucky and get a windfall from somewhere, then blow a bit of it on a pool villa at Pimalai.

Only the most queer of queens will fail to be impressed by the service standards, maybe as a queen she would be used to all sorts of kow-towing, but at Pimalai it feels different. The staff do the wai thing at you regularly, it means raising your hands, palms together, in the direction of someone, accompanied by one of the smiles for which the country is so famous. We learned that, as foreigners, we need not attempt to do the Wai greeting were unlikely to do it correctly and it makes many Thais feel awkward if you Wai the wrong person. For example : The older person should never Wai the younger person, the person of higher social status should not Wai the lower-ranked person, etc We stuck with a simple Hello and that seemed to work fine everywhere.

Pimalai gets my vote on all counts. We didnt leave the resort for our entire stay, but apparently there is a nice little beach bar at the other end of the beach. May have to check that out next time! We did go out for a few afternoons of scuba diving it was very impressive! Large and colorful fish abound, there were underwater tunnels through the rock walls, my girlfriend saw a Manta Ray What more could a scuba diver want? Next time we will also do the kayaking trip on the other side of the island, through ancient, undisturbed mangrove forests. And I heard stories about a huge cave system in the middle of the island apparently you need to head out there and score a local guide in the nearby village, who will take you through the caves for a fee. Adventure, here we come!

There is a nice, laid-back night-life scene available near Pimalai. Thankfully there is no bar close enough to the resort to cause a disturbance at night-time, but the same bars are just close enough to walk to. The walk is no hard-ship, you just hit the beach, turn right and walk for 700 metres, when you come across the Why Not bar, which may be a candidate for being Thailands most authentic and rustic beach bar there are tr5ees growing right through the middle of this place. The music scene here is good too, most nights a very solid band plays, with customers welcome to join in and sing a song or two. Aside from the Why Not bar, there is another little bar worthy of note close to Pimalai. This is the Aqau bar, 200 metres further away down the beach and past the Why Not bar. This is a conversation bar so is best visited before the Why Not. The Aqau is a place to prop the bar up and swap tall tales with whoever happens to come and sit next to you. The cocktail menu is particularly extensive here, with the most popular cocktail on the menu being the Mai Thai.

In summary, Pimalai offers everything you could possibly want in a tropical beach hotel, and much more besides. The multiple awards it has won stand witness to the fact that this is a strong candidate for being the best beach resort in Thailand, if not the entire planet.

Help With Styles Of Wedding Photograph

September 22, 2014

When it comes to Marriage Photography it’s always good to know the differences so you know what to expect from the different photographers out there. Some photographers will often offer a mixture of these elegance and capture different elements of your marriage day in different ways. Other photographers will capture your day in a certain style of their own. Always discuss marriage photography styles with your selected photographer to establish the style of photographs that you would like your special day to be captured in. You can also find more wedding tips for brides at natalyafiore.

What’re the distinctions between these Photography Types?

If you’re looking to book a Wedding Photographer it is extremely important to understand what style of photography to anticipate because your Wedding Album along with your photographs is going to be one of a kind and they’ll be your own private tokens of your big day.

Reportage Photography

They critical behind this style of photography is that the Photographer can capture the afternoon as it unfolds. The shooter needs to be described as a qualified as a way to get the instances with perfection while they happen. The photography usually stays within the history and simply reflects your day without intruding.

Photo-Journalistic Photography

This specific design is now increasingly more popular and goes together with the modern storybook albums. Photo-journalistic photography is all about acquiring the tale of the day. While you see the pictures back they ought to showcase the account of the morning from starting to stop featuring every one of the major activities and fine information on your day such as your bridal dress holding up each day products or even the detailed sequins on your bridal shoes.

Three Oral/Dental Problems That Take A Lot Of Time

There are many oral and dental problems. Some of them can be treated in a few days time, while others can take years as well. You must be wondering that what kind of oral or dental problems can take years time to cure? There are problems like, asymmetric teeth, Temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction and chin displacement that can take a lot of time. Asymmetric teeth can be cured with the help of dental braces as they put pressure on teeth and help them move towards the desired direction. It is hard for people to keep the dental braces on because it cant let them eat food properly and they need to brush their teeth after every meal.

Another oral problem is TMJ dysfunction and it is caused when there is a missing bone on the side of the face. That bone is also called the speech bone because it helps a person to speak properly. The treatment for TMJ dysfunction can also take a lot of time. Third one is the chin displacement issue and it is another complex problem that requires a lot of time to cure. There is a dentist Brooklyn 24 hours who has got the treatment for all above mentioned problems. People who live in Brooklyn can go and get a treatment from there.

Custom Banners Represent Your Innovative Ideas And Thoughts

September 21, 2014

Custom banners are those ads which can be customized to fit your advertising requirements. You can choose any method to promote your solution however the benefit of custom banners is the fact that these are resilient and perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Custom ads are gentle in weight and will be taken anywhere for your ideal area for advertisement. You are able to spot the custom ads to the industry where you imagine the product can get more advertised but at the end of the day you’ll be able to pack it with no trouble and will make it. It can help you to create the right logo and layout for the event. You can make it more visual and impressive by the support of a developer. The custom ads are a unique solution to promote your products. Its easy and remarkable design leaves an ever-lasting impact on the spectators. You can also learn more about custom banners from the printed shade cloth company.

You just have to tell the service provider, the sort of company you’re trying to find. The experts are experienced enough to deal with the style and style structure of the banner. They could produce unique form of custom ads provided with unique design, dimension, style combined with the logo of your company. The main facet of marketing is that the advertising has to be held at an appropriate location where you can get maximum audience. The usage of custom banners isn’t restricted to enterprise use only, you can also use it for personal act as well.

Things That You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning

September 20, 2014

Carpets are indeed one of the most important things that we are able to find in our home. These can make or break the look of the complete room. This is the reason why most people constantly ensure it is a point to have carpets at their home so that their houses can look sophisticated and wonderful as they must be. This is true under one condition. Carpets typically appear their finest especially when there are new and clean. A newly bought or mounted carpet would always move the appearance of the simplest room there is. Most carpet owners do make it a spot to keep up the cleanliness of the carpets. You can also take advice from get clean act services or you can also explore the internet regarding this.

We all discover how carpets attract dirt so much. Even when we attempt to take care and preserve our carpets clean, there’ll often be a spot which will begin to pop out of it. Once a carpet looks incredibly filthy, this may now eliminate the look of the whole area. This can keep the area extremely unpleasant and not well-cleaned. This is actually the main reason why you ought to always take care of the cleanliness of one’s carpets constantly. For this purpose, you can consider carpet cleaning Canberra to keep your carpets clean. Whether you do this all on your own or you retain cleaning services to take action, you need to ensure that your carpets look new.

Tips for Building a Backyard Chicken Coop

There are different kinds of chicken coop plans, but if you want to select the best plan then you need to make sure they are convenient, cleanable and comfortable. Listed below are some points that you must consider in selecting the best chicken coop plan:

1. Before you go out to buy chickens you need to determine what type of coop you are actually going to need. The size of your coop depends upon how many chicken you are going to raise.

2. You can build a static chicken coop or a portable chicken coop according to your needs. You will also need to have in mind placements for windows, feeders and perches inside. You can visit to get more information about chicken coop building.

3. If you have a big flock, then a larger size chicken coop is what you would build. If not, then a smaller place will suffice. You will need to be sure that you build a size that will fit all of the birds comfortably with nesting boxes and perches.

4. You must build fence or boundary to protect your chicken from predators. You will need to consider if the predators will dig or climb too as this can affect the design of chicken coop that will be most suitable for you.

You must build chicken coop properly by following these methods and search on the internet about the latest designs of chicken coop.

Google and Your Website

Google has Web Master Tools that let you look at all of your sites & see the top search queries for your site & who is linking to your site. For example they have 103 links to our Black Rhino index page – you can actually click & see who is linking to that particular page.

You can also see the most common keywords Google sees. Our top five is design, black, rhino, marketing, & logo. You can see where your website is linking to & how plenty of people are subscribed to your website. You can also see your site map & all the errors that exist within it. Furthermore, you can see crawler access, how often Google has been crawling your site, how plenty of pages per day, kilobytes downloaded per day, & time spent downloading a page. You can also get info about website testing.

Five years ago the world never could have imagined the places that Google’s search bar would take people. In recent years, Google has set the bar so high for search engine technologies that it doesn’t look like somebody will be exceeding their accomplishments in web search anytime soon. The thing about Google is that it might have started with a simple search engine, however, today it’s expanded in to all various that help web designers with their sites. The following are some of the thrilling new capabilities Google has brought to the net.

three. FeedBurner is another important feature that Google has added. FeedBurner is a program that lets you keep track of your subscribers. You can see who is subscribed to your weblog, how they are subscribed, & which articles they are reading. It also has added tools to optimize, publicize, & monetize your site. You can also get info about

two. Google also has Blogger which is a walking a blog method that people use. Most people are familiar with Blogger so I’ll keep it short & sweet. Fundamentally, Blogger is a nice addition to Google for web designers because walking a blog is a HUGE help with Search Engine Optimization. By adding blogs to your website you not only make your website have more pages to be crawled by Google, but you also have more content for Google to connect users to. The more information you have on a subject & the more people you have going to your website the more important Google will think you are.

Basics Of Air Rifle Hunting

September 19, 2014

Unlike conventional firearms, air rifles are fairly quiet, have little or no recoil because they have limited range, are much less likely to produce hazardous or dangerous stray bullets that could impact nearby residential areas.

There are different variations and models of rifles that are used by hunter and they can range from bolt action to semi automatic and lever action rifles. And for these functions most high-quality air rifles are generally excellent.

In reality, even very powerful air rifles lose much or a bunch of their punch after about 150-200 lawns, whereas a. 22 long-round rimfire shot can travel above a mile and still hit with enough capacity to possibly kill. You can also get m1 garand for sale rifles.

This article primarily focuses on air rifle hunting for the kind of small game most readily available air rifles are best for birds, squirrels, rabbits, hares, woodchucks, and so forth. Big bores that will take down things like coyote, wild pigs and also deer, but these are fairly high-priced PCP weapons and beyond the scope of the particular discussion. You can head to to get special offers on your purchases.

Basic Power Specifications

As far as what produces a good small game air rifle, there are really no definite rules since there are so many different types of small animals which might be hunted, but there are some minimum power requirements that many hunters recognize and we trust. The most fundamental of these kind of is power, measured in foot-pounds-energy (“FPE”) for the muzzle. It’s pretty simple, an underpowered gun is more likely to maim or wound, rather than kill, either because the projectile doesn’t hit with enough force or are not controlled accurately. Obviously, this becomes a doubly important consideration the further away you engage the objective.

Acquiring Iraqi Dinar Is A Good Investment Decision

September 18, 2014

Investing in foreign currency is not profitable, everytime. Working with money bills resembles trading with stocks. Investing of values is done within the forex market. Traders who know clever tips, then provide them at better profits and get Iraqi dinar. Thus, purchasing Dinars are a profitable option to make good money.

The trading of Iraqi values had brought excellent results for the shareholders and several of these had hit with it too. It’s kind of getting rich quick kind of scheme. Dinar was introduced to displace the Indian Rupee in 1931. It became useless soon because the rates were too reduced in the industry. But post war the situation with the Iraqi Dinar increased and it became a superb financial asset.

The entire year 2003 marked its entry in the market as being a solid investment currency. Nowadays the pound currency exchange rate using the US Dollars has been just about.00103. It indicates that around a lot of dinars might be purchased with 1.03 pounds. If you are seeking for secure investments, it’s using high today and may be considered a good reference. It is riding high nowadays and can be a good resource if you are looking for stable investments. Suppose you want to purchase dinars via your debit card, you need to follow certain procedure for the security. At first, checkout customer service hours at dinarinc, so, that you can clarify your doubts and get relevant answers to your respective questions.

You can buy Pound currency online and sell them also on the web based software. Iraqi bank notes’ exchange rate varies widely in the Global level. Additionally, there are the odds that their value changes with all the change in the market world. It is a profitable choice for many who are keen on daily trading. You can get great returns should you provide and obtain these money payments daily. There is a minimum transition cost associated with foreign exchange. People coping with it will maintain themselves up to date with market information. The technique with which you use these details determines your gain. It’s quite similar to your trading in shares and stocks. Besides, you can gather additional information from xchangeofamerica also.

There is no specific spot to accomplish the consumers or suppliers to exchange your notes together. These investments are by phone, fax and mails or performed online. So it will be very easy to offer or buy these Dinars. Additionally, you can begin this trading with a little capital. The forex market enjoys many benefits than other systems that need a sizable initial capital. As Iraq’s economy is restoring today working with Iraqi Dinars is a successful alternative and hence you are able to get impressionable returns later on.

How Forex Trading Is Done With Iraqi Dinars

September 17, 2014

The official currency of Iraq is the dinar. This currency is abbreviated as IQD and it is released by the Central Bank of Iraq. This currency, such as the American dollar is composed of smaller measurements of currency such as one American dollar consists of 100 cents. Fils, that are the same of American dollars, can even make up an Iraqi dinar. It requires 1000 fils to create one pound. You might be wondering where it falls with regards to Iraqi currency, if you’re familiar with the rupee’s use in Iraq.

Until the launch of the dollar, the Indian rupee was basically the national currency of Iraq after the Iraqi dinar had become but its use was concluded. Before you start trading with Iraqi dinar, you must gather info on Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates via dinarinc. Every business with money requires patience, presence of mind and of course appropriate knowledge about the respective business you want to invest in.

The dollar was released while the national currency in 1931. Until 1959, the value of the currency was placed in the British pound. Next, it was called for the U.S. dollar. Up to the Gulf War, the currency was worth a lot more than $3 in the United States. However the conflict resulted in a reasonably swift devaluation of the currency. Despite the devaluation, new currency has continued to be given. Because of the devaluation, the International Money Fund today values the currency in a set fee.

Forex experts and economists agree that the Iraqi dinar is poised to get a comeback. This is largely because of the fact that the economy in Iraq is anticipated to recover by 2013. This economic recovery is expected to result in a surge within the benefit of the forex dinar. In addition, the high-price of crude oil and the global shortage of oil are also likely to play a part within the recovery of the worth of the Iraqi dinar. It’s suspected that the dollar will increase so that one U.S. dollar is worth three Iraqi dinars. You can search for more refined information at xchangeofamerica and many other sources similar to it.

Another reason the Forex (Iraqi) European is expected to recognize so much is the fact that investors are employing the recovery of Kuwait’s currency like a guide. Using their currency, it got an interval of a decade for your currency to really have a 1:1 rate using the U.S. dollar. And it took one more three years for it to be placed so that it is benefit was three times as much as the U.S. dollar.